Buchu Dried - Happy Herbs

Endemic to the Western Cape, Buchu was traditionally cherished by the Khoi & San to anoint the body, heal wounds, and remedy digestive upsets. Buchu's soothing and cleansing qualities may also help to resolve bruises, rheumatism, and cystitis.

Buchu is rich in essential oils and makes a fabulously refreshing tea with a minty-fruity, slightly bitter flavour. Try straight, or with a little honey and/or lemon to taste. Buchu blends beautifully with other Cape herbs and is delicious as an iced tea.

Infusion: 1-4 tsp of buchu leaf per cup. Steep covered for 10  mins. Strain. Enjoy. Can reuse leaves 2-3 times.

Safety: Agathosma betulina is the preferred variety, but it is still advised to avoid the use of buchu preparations during pregnancy and lactation.


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