Happy Herbs - Indigenous Plants

PLEASE NOTE : Plants are currently CLICK AND COLLECT from our Cape Town store.

As we all know; just being around plants is good for our wellbeing and in the Cape we are surrounded by a natural pharmacy. Therefore, we strive to restore peoples' confidence in growing, enjoying and using our local plants in the home as well as in their family's journey to wellbeing; ethically, safely and sustainably.  

Because plants directly from your garden or balcony require the least processing and footprint on our planet, we source an abundance of useful and indigenous plants for the urban home and business from a small selection of trusted organic growers. It is not only your wellbeing we are passionate about. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our wildlife, soil and flora too. Having a few of our pesticide free plants in your garden, balcony or windowsill will go a long way to attracting happy birds, bees and wildlife - or as we like to call them; happy animal gardens.

Add some to your cocktails and have a real conversation starter at your next dinner party. Feel a cold coming on? Forage a few leaves from many of these herbs and let them work their magic. Cook with them or use them in soothing and cleansing wound washes and lots more.